Rikas Communications Support Desk
Hours of Operation (8 AM to 9 PM Daily - Central US Time)

(888)-291-7328 Toll Free Continental US
(501)-358-5608 International Direct Dial

You can also open a help desk ticket via our website by clicking here.

You may review the Rikas Communications Policies here.

Rikas Communications is now operating from one single server machine. A model 520. You can access the AS/400 by directing your 5250 client to You can download your own 5250 client from a number of sources such as or a free alternative TN5250 at Sourceforge The Web5250 client has proven to be problematic in modern browsers, however, if you would like to try using the Web5250 client, click here. You can google 5250 client for more options. Do not use an IP address to access our AS/400. Please use If you are experiencing any other problems, please open a help desk ticket using the link above or click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer Web Development or HTTP Packages?

A: We are proud to say, yes!!. Our web development packages gives you acces to your own HTTP server instance, a dedicated port number, and access to the Admin web interface, where you can control, start, stop, and configure your web HTTP server instance. Upon payment, and registration of one of our web development packages, you will be issued a dedicated port number and an HTTP server instance matching your chosen AS/400 username. Standard Developer packages do not include access to open ports or HTTP services.

Q: How soon will my account be created once I setup my account and payment? Is it immediate?

A: It is not immediate. We normally ask that you give us 24 hours for new account generations. This is because we process all new accounts manually with a human hand. This way, we can ensure accuracy for both of us. However, in most cases, your account should be generated and login details sent to you within a couple hours, sometimes longer depending on our current day workload. You will receive an email with login details. If you have not after 24 hours, please open a help desk ticket. Please ensure you are using your correct email address on sign up, and that you check any and all spam folders before opening a new ticket for account information.

Q: Do you still offer 30 days free service with new accounts?

A: No. Not at this time. Unfortunately, this service was abused by so many people, and we had to stop the offer.

Q: Do you provide a link to download Client Access or iAccess for Windows?

A: Client Access and/or iAccess are software packages provided by IBM. We are not responsible for, nor licensed to provide software to our customers. However, as with any AS/400, IBM provides Client Access (iAccess) installation files on the IFS. If you are interested in downloading them, open a help desk ticket, and request the links if you do not already know where they are located. We will send you the link paths and you may download them from the IFS via FTP. Active users only.

Q: How soon can I expect a resolution to my help desk ticket?

A: Normally this occurs fairly quickly. In most cases we have staff monitoring the help desk 24 hours a day. However, our current day work load will be a factor. We will get to your ticket in the order they are received and as quickly as possible.

Q: Do you provide support on RPG, COBOL, JAVA, Client Access, iAccess, or other software or programming languages?

A: Unfortunately No. We are a service provider. We will be glad to help you with login, account, payment or other general account issues, but we do not provide "How To" support of any kind. Google is a wonderful resource, and can be your friend.

Q: Can I transfer my files over to the AS/400 for use on my account?

A: Sure. FTP and restore options are available to our users. Please note that if your save files were saved under a profile name different than your profile name on our system, the system will restore your files under QDFTOWN profile. This will cause some authority issues after the restore. This is a common issue. Just open a help desk ticket, and detail the exact files and location, and we will move them to your profile name and your authority.

Q: Can you provide additional disk space to my account above the standard 200 megabytes?

A: Sure. We have several users who have done this. There will be an additional charge. The best option is to open a help desk ticket, or contact us, and we can give you a quote for your individual needs. Disk space is the real commodity in this business, and we do have disk space available above 200 megabytes if needed. They are priced in blocks of 200 megabytes.

Q: Where are you located?

A: Our offices are located in Conway, AR.

Q: How long have you been in the AS/400, IBM i business?

A: Rikas Communications was initially founded by Sean Rikard as Free AS/400 (a free IBM i provider) and then rebranded in 2006 as Rikas Communications. Though the company has changed ownership a few times over the years, Rikas Communications has been in business since 2005.

Q: What is the fastest way to contact you for questions or support?

A: The best option is to open a Help Desk Ticket. You can also contact us via telephone.

Q: How often do you upgrade?

A: Hardware upgrades are a continual process as needs require to meet our customers’ needs. Software upgrades are planned and discussed thoroughly before upgrading to ensure all PTF's are available and stability of the new operating system version. A lot of thought and consideration is placed on software upgrades. We don't just jump to the next OS level because ABC company did, or because IBM just released a new version. This is planned and discussed thoroughly ahead of time, and a decision is made and an upgrade date set. Users will be notified ahead of time on our news screen which displays at each login.

Q: Do you offer dedicated AS/400 machine access?

A: Yes. We can meet a wide range of  AS/400 needs. Please contact us for a quote.

Q: Do you offer month to month account payment options without a recurring payment?

A: No. All payments for month to month accounts are processed via Paypal and are on a recurring schedule. You can cancel your recurring payment profile with us by opening a help desk ticket and requesting this, or if you paid using a Paypal account, you can cancel yourself from within your Paypal account.

Q: Do I have to have a Paypal account to sign up with your service?

A: No. A Paypal account is not required. We simply use Paypal as a payment processor. You will be given the option during sign up to pay with your Paypal account, or pay with a credit or debit card without logging into Paypal.

Q: I signed up with, or contacted another provider, and have yet to receive a response. Will the same happen to me with Rikas Communications?

A: Absolutely not. We contribute the majority of our success to superior customer support. If you open a help desk ticket, contact us, or leave us a voice mail, we will return your inquiry as soon as possible. This is the reason we are the #1 AS/400, IBM i provider, and we do not intend to change anything. Answering customer support tickets, phone calls, voicemails, etc is a Rikas Communications priority in the office.